Our philosophy

Over 100 billion, this is the number of searches performed each month on Googlesource. It seemed so obvious that this family of users — including ourselves — did not have the same expectations of their favorite search engine.

Firstly, our philosophy has been to improve our daily use of Google. It seemed inconceivable to don't extend our own vision to all.

Rich customization

Octaedra allows you to easily customize in a few clicks the entire interface, thanks to its technology available for free when you register.


Upload the image of your choice


Whether you choose to upload the image of your choice, to change its position or opacity, you can only be creative, especially by using one of the proposed colors.

When the colors come to life


Two palettes to express your personality: the first uses our Instant color technology which will allow you to get the palette of your image, as well as the dominant colour proposed by default. The second is a selection carried out by our care.

Take it everywhere

Be indoors as outdoors. Our responsive interface meets all screen resolutions, whether on mobile, tablet, computer and even on your TV!

Creative Space

Now, have an overview of the customization capabilities of Octaedra!
Take a look on our Creative Space, the best contributions by users!
Feel free to submit yours on tumblr.octaedra.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration mandatory?As a visitor, you have access to all of the search capabilities. However, it's not possible to save any customizations.
How can I register?Registration is done either via the classical form located on the home page or through the Facebook Connect application.
Can I use Octaedra on my smartphone or my tablet?Perfectly. Our responsive interface meets all screen resolutions.
Does Octaedra host my images?No. Your image must be located on a third-party server such as an image hosting service.
My image is too heavy or doesn't load. What should I do?It's highly recommended to reduce the weight of any image exceeding 1.2 MB, we recommend JPEGmini.
Are my images visible to others?No. Preferences such as images are accessible only to the user.
How to clear the search field more quickly?A single click on the Google logo is enough to clear the search field!
What are the possibilities offered by speech recognition in Google Chrome?
  • Maps
    • Directions (e.g., "Go from Paris to Berlin")
    • Maps (e.g., "Paris on Maps")
  • Direct access to domain (e.g., "Twitter.com")
  • Encyclopedic content
    • Wikipedia (e.g., "Fish on Wikipedia")
  • Calculation tools and Question Answering
    • Wolfram|Alpha (e.g., "Jurassic Wolfram Alpha" or "19 times 42 Wolfram Alpha")
  • Videos (e.g., "Video of cats")
  • Images (e.g., "Pictures of cats")
  • News (e.g., "Cats news")
The above examples are not exhaustive, the sentences may be pronounced with a syntax closer to a traditional search (eg., "Fish Wiki").
How are the colours selected?Each image has a color palette generated by our Instant color technology. You just need to find the perfect skin.
Tip: It's possible to remove your wallpaper and keep your favorite colors palette.