On an original idea conceived and created in France in 2013 by Jérémy León and Guillaume Puyal, Octaedra is what we always wanted to see on a search engine, while using the modular technology of Google.

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Over 100 billion, this is the number of searches performed each month on Googlesource. It seemed so obvious that this family of users — including ourselves — did not have the same expectations of their favorite search engine.

Firstly, our philosophy has been to improve our daily use of Google. It seemed inconceivable to don't extend our own vision to all, this is why this revival caters to each of you to create a new starting point for your searches. There is no question here to perform simple searches, but to establish, through our tools, your own personality!

Octaedra allows you to easily customize in a few clicks the entire interface, thanks to its technology available for free when you register. Whether you choose to upload the image of your choice, to change its position or opacity, you can only be creative by using one of the proposed colors. Among these colors, there are two palettes: the first uses our Instant color technology which will allow you to get the palette of your image, as well as the dominant colour proposed by default. The second is a selection carried out by our care.

Your searches have never been so fast! Find your habits through instant suggestions, but also, optimize them with new features which seemed essential to us, such as speech recognition in Google Chrome ; particular thanks to our optimization of Voice Search for your images, videos, directions, direct access to domain, encyclopedic content (Wikipedia) and calculation tools (Wolfram|Alpha).

No restrictions. Enjoy Octaedra on your computer as on mobile devices through our 100% responsive interface!

More tips on our FAQ.

Octaedra is not owned by Google to date. The trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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